IT and cloud hosting is a fast-growing business, and after spotting

a job offering at requiring no prior knowledge, you decided to apply.
Against all expectations, you actually got the job!

How to play

You interact with the system using a programmer's favourite tool: the terminal.

It is very simple: type a command and press return to execute it.

You can open the built-in tutorial by typing `tutorial` and pressing return.

If you are already familiar with UNIX-style command line interfaces, you might
already feel at home as the most-used commands are also available here.


Your goal is to grow into a large and successful tech company, and to

eventually even provide a cloud platform to host other people's applications.

You start off with a small userbase, who each send requests to your infrastructure.
Keep ahead of the growing demand to avoid congestion, and the growth will continue.

If you encounter problems with the CRT monitor effect, you can turn it off
using the switch at the bottom right.


The game has many little commands that might help you out. First you should play through the tutorial. If `tutorial` doesn't give you what you're looking for, try pressing `TAB` in a new line to see a list of commands. Each command has a documentation that can be read using `man [command]`.

If you're wondering about services and requests, use `man list` to see all that you have unlocked. Then `man [request/service]` will tell you how to handle them.


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