After the year 2038, most 32-bit systems stopped working properly and were subsequently destroyed. 

Soon after, humanity realized that climate change would soon make Earth unable to support humanity. Work on the most ambitious project ever began, a space station called X57 to support humanity in the future. After its completion and the evacuation of every human (who could afford it), it was decided to destroy every computing device left behind on Earth to prevent a potential robot uprising. Most, but not all! Left behind in the basement of an old NASA launch facility and thought to be rendered inoperable by the Y2038 bug, one prototype robot wakes up after cosmic background radiation randomly reset its time counter.

Wear and tear has damaged its equipment over time though, so you will have to make do with the embedded laser depth-scanner. Fortunately there are power upgrades available to increase its range.
Can you find a way ouf of the complex, repair the launch facility and launch a rocket using your limited tools?


  • WASD/Arrow keys: Movement
  • Mouse: view direction
  • Left click: activate (button/upgrades/etc.)
  • Shift: move faster


If the game is too hard for you, we have compiled a document of hints, from minor hints to outright solutions. There are spoiler tags so you can only look at the hints you want to.

Hints document


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why can i see colors if my eyes are lasers?