Do you have a missing brain? Have you ever felt like you have one excess kidney? Whatever your problem is, Dr. Dr. Ludwig and his team will gladly take care of you and your organs. Just lay down on that conveyor belt over there and wake up a different person*!
* Terms and conditions apply

The new advertising campaign is gaining traction and the waiting room is
already full of people, Mr Ludwig! Now your part of the work begins: you have
to see that every organ finds it's right place and that the patients leave the
operating room as healthy as possible.

How to play

Patients will enter the OR on one of several conveyor belts. You will have to
cut them open and do some organ transplants. To open up a patient, you will
have to cut along a marked line on their body in order to not damage any organs.
To transplant the organ itself, just drag it over to its new spot and connect
the blood vessels. Be careful to connect arteries to arteries and veins to veins!

There's also the possibility of - ahem - 'acquiring' and 'disposing' of organs
through other means.

Once you are done with a patient, a press of the green button will send them to
the recovery room and bring in the next patient. Coincidentally, there is also
an incinerator below (the hospital was built over a steel mill), but I don't
see how you could use it.

How to start

In the main menu press one of the green buttons to start the game. If you click on the scalpel there will be a tutorial.


Design, Code, Audio by Matteo Signer and Benjamin Schmid with assistance by Philipp Wallimann.

Created for Ludum Dare 43 "Sacrifices must be made"

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
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Made withGodot
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